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The Karlos Kollective - Lucky Life

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“Fantastic lyrics, music, layers, vocals and atmosphere. Truly special song. Great collaboration. Brilliant work for sure. Love this song so much.

The Karlos Kollective

The Karlos Kollective are a brand new artistically creative group formed and led by Karlos Harrison. Producing original contemporary music (and unique covers), eclectic performers, artwork, poetry and inspiration for all. Karlos is musician,composer, arranger and producer who’s music ranges through heavy rock, ballads, anthems, country, folk and much more. The songs have been likened to The beach boys, Nirvana, Pink Floyd Cat Stevens, Oasis, The Cardiacs, The Beatles, Arctic monkeys, half man half biscuit and many more…… Welcome to the new genre of “SEHW” (songs to enrich human wellbeing)

Listening to your stuff consistently brings me joy.

Original songs

Enjoy the wide genre variety of Karlos’ Harrison’s original songs. Including the lyrical and performance collaborations from a wide variety of unique artists.

Cover songs

Enjoy fantastic musical arrangements of many performances from celebrated artists including Brian Wilson, Dolly Parton, Nirvana, Kate bush, The Beatles and even Laurel and Hardy.

A trademark Karl soaring chorus here! I can imagine so many of your tunes being performed in stadiums – they just have such a big, grand feel that I’m sure they’d work well on the largest stages.

Railway line musings

How strange a sensation . One I had experienced quite recently but had allowed myself to forget . That feeling of not being myself , being at one with my surroundings and enjoying a deep connection whilst recognising a departure with each passing soul . I have taken...
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Stand Up For The Arts

I have worked with young people and from my experience it is clear to see how young people are inspired to be develop as characters through work with Music and the arts in general. The current trend towards cutting Arts funding in school is not only threatening to...
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Education & Inspiration

I will be publishing Education and Inspiration Posts on a regular basis. If you haven’t already do check out my EP available to stream and buy from digital retailers.
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Latest News

So having finished FAWM (feb album writing month) I have another album of songs to listen to, and whilst i would love you to listen to the new album, I am especially proud of this song about Anne Frank told from her perspective. Its purposefully not because, despite her end, she was someone truly full of life from the start to her end at of the nazi concentration camps. ENJOY and feel free to download the new album FREE xx

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Time to get on plane x ...

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