Your talents are too good sir, it should be a crime. Seriously though, excellent song. Too many elements that I loved to count. I can hear almost every worthwhile Britpop band from the early/mid nineties all in one song and it’s better than any of them

The main focus of the Karlos Kollective is music. Karlos has written music in a wide variety of genres for many years. He often felt that due to his own pressures and societies expectations that he had to write songs in a certain style. After all that is what the media would like so they can neatly fit groups into genres and styles. However, since leaving his teaching job last year, he is found a new sense of freedom in his music and learned that there should be no restrictions to the individuals’ creativity and therefore developed more confidence in producing music meaningful to himself and the public. He also discovered the value in messages through music and how important lyrics can be to the listener. With this in mind, as well as being able to express himself better, he has recruited various people to write jointly with him on lyrics. This again has expanded the musical landscape beyond anything he has done before.

Having gone through a profound life change in 2015, there are many different avenues the Karlos Kollective will be heading. Stepping out from a society that always makes you believe you should be doing certain things, whilst knowing inside you have more to give in life, is a very difficult thing. We hope to break down those barriers for more people through our work as well as providing a mountainous selection of fantasticly diverse music , art, poetry and contemporary life education from Karlos and a wide variety of eclectic artists/performers. So we raise a glass to bring hope and inspiration to all through the magic of the creative arts.

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Karl Harrison