The Karlos Kollective Cover Songs

Enjoy fantastic musical arrangements of many performances from celebrated artists including Brian Wilson, Dolly Parton, Nirvana, Kate Bush, The Beatles, and even Laurel and Hardy. All the music is arranged recorded and produced by Karlos Harrison. Vocal performers are noted.

Funky as hell. Is there a genre out there you can’t turn your hand to?

Most Popular

Kate Bush

Wuthering Heights – Sarah Lucy McCabe (Vocals)

Louis Armstrong

Wonderful World – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Super Furry Animals

Receptacle For The Respectable – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Dolly Parton

Jolene – Karen McCabe (Vocals)


Lithium – Kev McCabe (Lead Vocals)

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Dixie Chicks

Silent House – Sarah McCabe (Lead Vocals)

Travelling Soldier – Sarah McCabe (Lead Vocals)

David Bowie

Pretty Things – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Roberta Flack

First Time Ever – Karen McCabe (Vocals)

The Beatles

Blackbird – Kev, Karen and Sarah McCabe (Vocals)

Whilst My Guitar Weeps – Karen McCabe (Lead Vocals) Sarah McCabe (Backing Vocals)

Johnny Cash

Hurt – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Laurel and Hardy

Lazy Moon – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Chas and Dave

Ain’t No Pleasing You – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Unknown artist

You and I – Sal (Vocals)

The Beach Boys

In My Room – Karl Harrison, Karen McCabe and Sarah McCabe (Vocals)

God Only Knows – Karl Harrison, Karen McCabe and Sarah McCabe (Vocals)

Noel Gallagher

Leave My Guitar Alone – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

The Music

The People – Karen McCabe (Vocals)


On The Westway – Karl Harrison (Vocals)

Brian Wilson

Good Vibrations – Karl Harrison (Vocals)


Request a song you want to hear The Karlos Kollective cover or perform and we shall do our best to produce it for you.