Alison Jones

Mar 14, 2016

Alison Jones is a hugely talented wordsmith (if that’s the word). Please find some of her lyrics and poetry below.

Alison Jones has two friend suffering with this dreadful illness and wrote a poem for them. Karlos is currently working on putting music to these heartfelt words.

Go away cancer, your time is done,
go away cancer, we all want you gone,
your body so holy, your spirit in form,
your body, so holy, withstanding the storm,
of chemicals pumped in to ravish and rage
chasing out rouge cells at every stage.

Awake all the dark hours, though you’re fine in the day,
it seems that the sun chases demons away;
go away cancer you’re an unwelcome friend,
go away cancer, your time’s at an end.

Reshaping, resizing and losing your hair,
wondering whether other people will stare,
and the shape of your head’s something you’ve never seen,
it’s revealed with a razor sharp glistening gleam,
blurry eyes, something you hadn’t expected,
you’d hoped at least one of the senses was protected,
so tired to your bones, all you want is to sleep,
but your minds all a whirr, thinking everything deep.
Go away cancer, we don’t want you here,
go away cancer, get out, do you hear?

Wrapped in the love of family and friends,
on-line togetherness and connections never end,
be a warrior and fight with a sword and shield,
bravely, do battle and don’t dare to yield,
so goodbye, cancer, good riddance, farewell,
and never return to one single cell,
of this body so holy, a spirit made form,
this body, so holy, outriding the storm

This is a poem Alison Jones wrote about a train journey for her son. Karlos managed to create a modern folk song out of it. Go to original songs for a listen.


  1. Poppies, ragwort, metal tracks,
    Looming red brick, Victorian smoke-stacks,
    Construction projects grow with pride,
    Demolition works on the other side.
  2. Rural living and isolation,
    City suburbs, desolation,
    Leafy gated communities,
    Middle-England continuities.
  3. Locomotives flying by,
    Stratocumulus ride the sky,
    Information at the fingertips,
    Commuters and cross-country trips.
  4. Rucksacks, suitcases, squashy bags,
    Coats, umbrellas and football flags,
    Treetops meeting power lines,
    Devices emitting cacophonous chimes.
  5. Ear-popping tunnel dark,
    Grazing animals in country parks.
    Mock Tudor languishing mansionry,
    Sits with little originality.
  6. Heron walks at a river’s bend,
    Tethered bicycles conspire like friends,
    Reaching spire and billboard shout,
    Apps that tell you what it’s all about.
  7. Painted marks on industrial walls,
    Spray-can arts and community calls,
    Early roses and hawthorn blaze,
    If eye contact occurs, avert your gaze,
  8. Lambs are woolly white punctuation,
    Adorning green spaces near the station.
    Journey with the fleeting sun,
    Back to the place where you began
  9. Orange ticket gobbled away,
    Machine-mouth ending the journey day.
    A small black car waits by the track,
    Slowly wind the process back,
    Land at home, too tired to speak;
    And clamber over the hump of the week.

This Alison Jones poem inspired two songs by the Karlos Kollective. “Indigo Nights” and a brand new track “step on” uses many lines from this poem to create the message Karlos was after.

I stand on the earth, my feet in clay, city lights glimmer, on
the horizon, far away, should I go or should I stay; my feet
know the answer.
The old moon watches as I turn my face away, her eyes see
into the laces of my life, where I have been and am yet to go,
sometime my journey feels too slow.
I let the moment pass, in my hand, a half-full glass, I raise it
and toast the indigo night, a make a choice and take my
A city fades, behind my shoulder, on the road less travelled,
my heart feels bolder, I walk on now from isolation, to find
connections in desolation.
I reach out for you, you reach out for me, and I don’t know
where we’ll travel, only that the past unravels, so let’s go, far
away from what we know, far away from all we know.
Black skies cry with thunder and all the world is crying,
darkness and misery parade before our eyes, the rocks are
our teachers, our bones will endure, in the earth, with those
who’ve gone before.

So step on, step on the way with me,
the journey calls us over the horizon,
step on, step on the path with me,
the singing calls us from far far away, far far away.