Karlos Kollective do Brian Wilson’s “smile” album

Mar 14, 2016

In 2012 Karlos discovered Brian Wilson’s remake of the classic lost beach boys album “smile”. In the 60’s Brian Wilson was starting to create music never heard before, full of beautiful complexity and completely different to anything else being released in the 60’s. Inspired by The beatles Sgt Pepper, He started to work on SMILE. Having recorded most of the music and some of the vocals Brian went into a depressive state when other Beach boys were not so supportive of his new musical direction. Fortuantley in 2004 he fought his demons and went on tour with the now completed album. In Karlos’s opinion it is one of the most incredible pieces of popular music ever created. “a teenage symphony to god” as Brian Wilson called it. Karlos decided to attempt to record the entire album by himself as true to the original as possible with some slight modern twists here and there You can hear the results here. Despite having 15 songs, Karlos has broke it down into 3 parts, as Brian saw it like a symphony. He as added a bonus track at the end of part 3 which is another beautiful Brian Wilson composition.


  1. Our prayer
  2. Heroes and villains
  3. Roll over Plymouth rock
  4. Barnyard/old master painter/you are my sunshine
  5. Cabinnesence


  1. Wonderful/song for the children
  2. Child is the father of the man
  3. Surf’s up
  4. Great shape
  5. Vegetables


  1. On a holiday
  2. Windchimes
  3. Mrs O leaory’s cow
  4. Blue Hawaii
  5. Good vibrations
  6. Till I die