Apr 14, 2016

This mini project focuses on one of The Karlos Kollective’s musical inspirations, THE SUPER FURRY ANIMALS. Some cover versions are attempted to be fairly similar to the original, as changing anything too much can ruin a song, other versions are adaptions of of their tunes. The Super Furry Animals combine beautiful melodies, creative harmonies, Rock riffs, catchy choruses, incredible musical pictures and insightful and humerous lyrics. Here are some examples of some of our fav SFA songs done by us. Hope you enjoy..

A song that has everything.The end is heavy metal, the start is cheery pop, there is gospel soul and a touching ballad bridge section.
Northern lites is one of those songs we had to attempt for the musical challenge. Its fair to say we have rocked it up a bit from the original.

Here is a cover of a beautifully melodic Super Furry Animals song done entirely with vocals……and a harp!

This is a song that combines melodic beauty with the drive of a classic rock chorus, with harmony singing on top of that, it really is special

Run Christian run is one of the most beautiful songs SFA have ever produced with heartfelt lyrics that really hit home. We have varied it slightly by making the first section more acoustic based