The Karlos Kollective and Stamp and Go

Mar 14, 2016

Stamp and Go are a Cornish a cappella vocal group. Nigel Hallworth writes many of the songs. Karlos decided to do a reworking of some of the infectious melodies and create some different versions. The lyrics are all stories from Cornish present and past and Nigel’s Unique ability with words make for comical and heartfelt stories.

Perranporth Beach

A comical song all about Perranporth beach.

Dammed if we do

A songs about the travels of Cornish miners.

Two mighty mines

Perranporth in the first half of the 19th Century was dominated by the two great copper mine complexes, Wheal Leisure and Perran St. George. Wheal Leisure successfully sued Perran St. George, claiming encroachment. Facing ruin from the huge compensation awarded their neighbours, the adventurers pulled out and stopped pumping the water up from the depths of the mines, which were connected deep underground. The resulting flooding of both saw a premature and permanent end to mining in Perranporth itself.