How strange a sensation . One I had experienced quite recently but had allowed myself to forget . That feeling of not being myself , being at one with my surroundings and enjoying a deep connection whilst recognising a departure with each passing soul . I have taken myself for a walk on the old disused railway line near my village in the beautiful Peak District it countryside . I woke feeling agitation and a stress in the mind , one which derives from a constant underlying fear . I needed to get back to nature . When them ind is consumed by future worries and is being contsantly distracted , it is hard to think clearly or ever appreciate days where nothing seemilngly relevant is happening . One must distract or find thugs to do . I find myself sitting on a bench staring into the view with a low lying mist covering the holds in the distance . I stop listening to my heaphones because although I love my music , something inside tells me to take them off and just sit . This is something I haven’t done since returning home , my self always excusing “I’ll do it tomorrow” . Whilst I have been in more silent places ( there is a drill going off somewhere ) I am rediscovering a great peace by just sitting . This didn’t mean I am meditating with eyes closed and isolating myself . Far from it I feel compelled to say hello to every person walking pass .some respond politely , a couple engage in a mini conversation about how I have chosen a good spot , whilst walking on past . I realise that all these adults , like all of us , are a bit self conscious about talking to strangers and are conforming to a cerrtajn society norm of politeness. Then something incredible happens . As explained earlier , I am sat in a branch reading a book (leaderless revolution ) and sipping my flask of tea when I hear the faint sound of small voices , possibly to my left (being dead in one ear they could be coming from above for all I know ). Then I see about 30 young children (maybe 8 years old ) being led by a teacher all walking towards me . They are mostly of Asian origin which makes me realise they must be in a school trip possibly from Sheffield . As the first kids approach they shout out to me “morning mister ” “how are you ?” Whilst laughing and joking with beaming smiles on their faces . One says “what book are you reading ?” I reply “a boring book” he says “well get another one then “. Another says “what’s in your flask ” I say tea . I ask them how they are ( they are all filigvpast me and almost all of them automatically look over to day something and engage with me . There is a feeling of warmth and genuine ness about it all . The contrast between all these kids and most of the adults who walk past me is marked .
The children are alive inside , wanting to connect to the world , not confirmed by any expectations of how they should behave or act . They are acting from a point of love within and joyfulness for each moment .
Imagine if we could all hold onto that into adult hood or rather , rediscover that feeling of enjoying the moment , being appreciative of every little thing , not because society tells you or the teacher has instructed you , but because they are acting spontaneously from within .i listen to them a bit more as they point things out and laugh out loud .
As they leave I am left with a warm glow in y heart. It is as if something inside knew I had to get outside today . It may not seem like an important reason to you, like a meeting would be or turning up to your job in the morning , but to me it was something out there reminding me , having lost it for a certain time , how important it is to be free inside . And that it is always the little things that give you hints .
After about ten minutes I encounter a young lady with two dogs . We have a very open chat about her dogs and I can tell here is someone who has still retained that sense of child like freedom . There is no constraints as she tells me stories about her dogs before wandering off , with the dogs diobediantly eunning off all around her .
Finally I see some walkers heading towards me from the field opposite . They stop to have a rest opposite me on the railways line and there is only one woman talking ( there are 8 of them) then I realise they are all deaf apart from the woman leader . She directs sign language towards them and praises them for having come so far . The woman is so caring despite having the enormous responsibility of these youngsters (about 17) all completely deaf but enjoying the freedom of the outdoors . She won’t be doin this for money , she is doing this because she loves what she does and wants to bring joy to those less fortunate than her . Imagine a world where that was the goal of humanity , I thought . Thankfully with all the perceived terrible things going on in the world , I am grateful for the realisation that the overwhelming majority of humanity is caring and thoghful and has good intentions . Maybe if we encouraged our kids to remain childlike in their outlook on life and focus on bringing happiness into the world instead of achieving high grades at school, the spreading of joy could permeate every society . After all deep down isn’t that what everybody wants ???